Meet the All New Yaris Cross

Toyota has unveiled the All New Yaris Cross compact SUV. It has a “big-small” design with a roomy interior and compact exterior dimensions. Here's a brief outline of what this exciting new model has to offer.


The design of the All New Yaris Cross uses specific qualities from other Toyota SUV models. The overall aim for the Yaris Cross was to ensure the vehicle was suitable for customers, therefore interviewing real customers provided further insight into what the car needed to look like. As a result, key areas to focus on when designing was producing a compact, robust, and minimalistic vehicle.

The exterior of the All New Yaris Cross is shaped like a diamond and is referred to the gemstone ‘nimble diamond’ to express a hard, premium but fun-to-drive vehicle. The shape emphasises the wings on the Yaris Cross which convey a strong and sophisticated look.

Hybrid Powertrain

The All New Yaris Cross is one of the first models to use Toyota’s latest hybrid system, which has been developed from larger powertrains used by recent Toyota models such as the Toyota C-HR. The 1.5-litre hybrid powertrain and three-cylinder Atkinson cycle petrol engine aims to reduce friction and optimise combustion speed, resulting in increased torque and improved fuel efficiency.

The new hybrid system for the All New Yaris Cross has a maximum output of 114bhp, with attention focusing on power delivery and a responsive drive.

Size & Space

The Toyota Yaris Cross is 4,180mm in length, 1765mm wide, and 1,560mm in height. The vehicle has a 2,560mm wheelbase communicating strength and power in urban driving.

The vehicle has easy access with a power back door and an adjustable deck height providing more space for larger items. The deck board can be divided in two, to separate loads and prioritise convenience. The boot contains a luggage compartment which includes a new flex belt to keep items secure on the road.

All-wheel Drive

Intelligent all-wheel drive is an exclusive feature for a hybrid model. The all-wheel drive includes AWD-i which provides increased traction and stability, achieving better fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emission. All-wheel drive will automatically connect when low-grip conditions are detected, including heavy rain, snow, and sand.

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